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Shoko Scientific Co., Ltd.

Shoko Scientific Co., Ltd. was established by separating the scientific instruments business from the Analytical Instrument Department of Shoko Co., Ltd. (except for Shodex’s business) on September 25, 2009, and obtained the scientific instruments business of Moritex Corporation by transfer on October 1 of the same year.

Shoko Scientific Co., Ltd., which has made a new start with the spun-off and transfer, will strive to make better products and strengthen customer support systems such as information transmission and after-sale services, to become a specialized scientific instruments company with a high added value.

Product lines

・Analytical products
  Multi-angle light scattering detector, DAWN
  Data processing devices for chromatography
  Autosamplers for HPLC
  Zeta potential analyzer, particle size distribution measuring instruments, etc.
・Synthetic products
  Purification systems for chemical compounds, disposable columns for purification systems
  Synthesis systems
・Environmental analytical devices
  Ion chromatographs
  Solid-phase extraction devices
・Related preprocessing equipment for liquid chromatography
  Preprocessing equipment for liquid chromatography
  Auto mess-up system

Trade name Shoko Scientific Co., Ltd.
Line of business Development, manufacturing, import and export, sales, and maintenance of scientific instruments
Date of foundation September 25, 2009
Address of head office 3-3 1-chome Azaminominami Aoba-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa
Representative Representative Director and President, Hidemi Katano
Capital 50 million yen
Settlement December 31
Major stockholders Shoko Co., Ltd. 85.1% Moritex Corporation 14.9%
Telephone number +81-45-913-5808
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