Management Philosophy

We contribute to create comfortable society through our business activities with higher, faithful and passionate vision.

Management Philosophy

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We listen to customers, and supply them with products and services that satisfy their present-day demands and promote their growth.

  • Shareholder Trust

    Sound management practices founded on appropriate governance and solid risk management, earning shareholder trust.

  • Respect for Diversity

    We respect different opinions and values, and foster a corporate culture of open-minded communication.

  • Employee Growth

    Our workplaces promote self-improvement and self-fulfillment, with training that fosters a high level of specialization and foresight.

Our Code of Conduct

  • Consistent business activities based on fair and free competition

    • We shall carry out operating activities in conformity with laws and based on fair and free competition.
    • We shall take a firm stand against antisocial activities and forces, and shall not do any act on behalf of them.
  • Efforts on environmental issues and social contribution

    • Taking the global environment into consideration, we shall actively promote resource saving, energy saving, and reduction and recycling of industrial wastes.
    • We shall respect the culture and customs of the regions concerned and contribute to the development of the regions.
  • Pursuit of existence

    • We shall offer new products and services that address changes in the social environment and industrial structure to the market and to customers.
    • We shall take on the development of areas where we can demonstrate our uniqueness, free from conventional frameworks.
  • Promotion of transparent management

    • We shall accurately disclose management information to enhance the understanding of and confidence in our company.
    • We shall try to maintain smooth communication with our shareholders, business partners and society to conduct our business in an open manner.
  • Carrying through sound management

    • We shall carry through sound management practices and conduct only business activities that contribute to the society.
    • We shall neither pursue immediate profits nor make speculative transactions.
  • Respect for and fair evaluation of individuality

    • We shall respect the personalities and individualities of our employees and build a free and generous corporate culture in which they can demonstrate their independence and originality.
    • We shall build up a group who act on their own initiative to accomplish their tasks, and realize the wealth of our employees by fairly rewarding them for their achievement.
  • Acting as a member of the international society

    • We shall comply with national laws and regulation under the basis of international agreements and laws and regulation of the relevant countries.
    • We shall consider our businesses in a worldwide perspective and act in accordance with global standards.